Sias International University

Combining Chinese and Western educational philosophies, Sias aims to develop sophisticated and specialized talents that can make contributions to the modernization and economic development of China. To achieve this aim, through a modern, beautiful environment, a visionary curriculum and diverse campus activities, it broadens the views of its students and encourages creativity and independent thought among both students and faculty. The participation of foreign faculty members and the use of English-language teaching materials also enhance bilingual communication skills and encourage all Sias students to explore global strategies to solve problems and develop innovative thinking.

Founded in 1998 with an enrollment of less than 300 students, today Sias has an enrollment of 24,500, and employs about 1,000 full-time faculty members, including 128 full-time foreign teachers. The rate of foreign faculty to students ranks first in China. It offers 67 undergraduate degree programs, 14 associate degree programs, and 5 dual degree programs with Fort Hays State University in Kansas. It also has six graduate programs. The nine discipline areas offering degrees include liberal arts, science, engineering, economics, management, medicine, law, education and performing arts.

As an international university, Sias enjoys partnerships with over 52 international partner schools in 20 countries, including the United States, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. It has many international students from more than 20 countries as well as faculty members whose expertise and training embrace both Chinese and Western educational philosophies.

The sound organizational structure of Sias’ administration strengthens the legal foundation and the organizational discipline of the faculty. The curriculum is student-oriented and by using a combination of theoretical and practical teaching methods, Sias ensures that the quality of teaching is continuously improving and that the Sias employment rate for graduates remains in the top three schools among all Henan universities every year. Graduates of Sias have received high praise from employers for their excellent oral English,well rounded abilities, creative ideas and strong communication skills.

Based on its overall strength, Sias has received many awards by related state institutions and news media, including the “Top 10 Most Influential Foreign-owned Undergraduate Universities in China Award”, “The Most Competitive University on Employment in China”, “The Strongest Comprehensive Sino-Foreign Cooperative University” and “The Most Desirable University for High School Graduates Award”.

Sias International University

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