Beyond launching additional owned properties under the TENTEN, Hollywood Production Center, and Plug and Play Technology Center Brands, The Amidi Group will continually evaluate three additional channels to allow for further expansion.  Those additional channels include:

  • Opening new leased, timeshared, or joint venture properties
  • Managing other properties
  • Franchising/licensing out to other owners

Whether expanding through another owned property, leasing, managing, or franchising/licensing, the Amidi Group will continue to use its expertise, experience, and extensive market research in successfully developing unique new properties based on the needs of the local area/region.

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With the ongoing success of TENTEN Wilshire, the Amidi Group’s expansion of this property is a natural next step.  Located directly across from the original property at 1027 Wilshire BLVD, Los Angeles, CA 90017, this expansion will benefit directly from the established TENTEN brand awareness and will also provide an additional 376 units of inventory that TENTEN Wilshire needs.  TENTEN Wilshire is currently operating at over 90% occupancy and continues to receive numerous housing, live/work, office space, and short term stay inquiries daily.

In addition to providing the additional unit inventory TENTEN Wilshire needs, the expansion will also increase the amenities being offered by TENTEN Wilshire including:

  • Additional Conference/Meeting Spaces
  • 800 Additional Parking Spaces
  • Additional Recreation Amenities
  • Additional Recreation Amenities (cont.)
    • Pool/Jacuzzi
    • Bar and Lounge Areas
    • Fitness Center with Locker Rooms
    • Saunas and Steam Rooms
    • BBQ Areas
    • Theater Room

The location of this expansion offers several key advantages including:

  • Proximity (Across the Street) to Existing Units
    • Shared Resources
      • Operation through Existing Management Staff
      • Complementary Services and Amenities Between Buildings
      • Zero Duplication of Marketing Efforts
      • Efficiency of Support Staff

Upon completion of the expansion, TENTEN Wilshire will offer its successfully established Lifestyle Solution in the form of 603 centrally located, fully furnished, all inclusive, live/work suites with unrivaled support services and amenities in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

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