Bottled Water

ALPS continually strives to become the leading company in the 5-gallon bottled water direct delivery business throughout our targeted markets.

Presently, ALPS has several worldwide operations located in the following countries: Austria, Guadeloupe, Italy, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Reunion, Spain, and Sri Lanka.

ALPS has strategically aligned itself with numerous multinational partners including Guinness, Heineken, Coca-Cola & PepsiCo bottlers to reach its global growth objectives.

During the most recent years, ALPS has focused its business on investing in and starting up companies worldwide involved in the distribution of 5-gallon bottled water to homes and offices.

While maintaining a commitment to bringing pure and clean drinking water in an environmentally friendly method to customers globally, ALPS expanded our presence into several countries and metropolitan areas. We have consistently experienced above-average market growth and continue to look toward the future with high expectations.